We make architectural models from all ranges: as work prototypes, contest runners, public exhibition models, conceptual models, urban and real state development, logistical projects, university projects, etc. We can pretty much make any scale model. Contact us, we enjoy a challenge!

La Parada-Ampans Social Project. Manresa

RCR Arquitectes. Scale 1/75

Seibert Bridge, París

RCR Arquitectes. Scale 1/75

Perelada Winery. Girona.

RCR Arquitectes. Scale 1/75

Contest scale model. Barcelona

Pascual-Ausió Arquitectes.

Contest scale model. Málaga

Alonso I Balaguer.

Model of an apartment building and old people's home. Barcelona

Oikosvia Arquitectura. Scale 1/200

Urban scale model. Toulouse, França

BAU Arquitectes. Scale 1/500

Architectural proposed model. Sant Adrià del Besòs

Alonso I Balaguer. Scale 1/1000

Hotel scale model. Santa Susana

Isern Associats. Scale 1/500

Conceptual scale model for contest. Madrid

Mano Arquitectura. Scale 1/150

Urban scale model. Toulouse, France.

BAU Arquitectes. Escala 1/1000

Urban scale model. Avignon, France

BAU Arquitectes. Scale 1/3000

Contest scale model. New CaixaForum Museum in València.

Enric Ruiz Geli. Scale 1/200

Construction detail scale model. Santa Susana

Isern Associats. Scale 1/75

Contest scale model. Montserrat.

Alonso I Balaguer. Scale 1/1000

Architectural proposed model. Miami, EEUU

DNA Barcelona Architects. Scale 1/1000

University dissertation scale model

Scale 1/400

Contest scale model. Hotel a Sant Adrià del Besòs.

Alonso I Balaguer. Scale 1/1000

Conceptual models. Venice Biennale.

Different scales

Real state development scale model. Mataró

Alonso I Balaguer - Procercasa. Scale 1/100

University dissertation scale model.

Scale 1/500